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 Jolted Cruise

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PostSubject: Jolted Cruise   Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:46 pm

Your eyes widened when you saw the ship a tall cruise ship and better than ever it's over summer!You stare with giant eyes at that cruise ship with the palm trees in Florida and the waves crashing against the ship.You grab a sheet that says:Welcome to Jolted Cruise!There will be many rooms and loads of fun.[See rooms below.]You want to run up there but you stand still waiting for someone to tell you it's okay.
The Rules:
No Godmodeling.Unless you can play someone charaecter with their permisson.
No PowerPlaying.Which means no being all powerful.
No Trying to control the RP.Don't start controling my roleplay Example:The ship's captain was steering and he couldn't listen to the message on the microphone Me posting on the roleplay:The ship's cpatain was sterring and couldn't listen to the message on the microphone and I find out that someone posted the same thing.
No Doing The Plots:I will make sure nothing bad happens.Example:[Everyone the ship is sinking so put on your life jackets.]
No Spamming On Here:Example:[dhsdbdtdkhuayb.]
No Advertising Your Roleplay Or A Thread:Example:[Guys go to my thread called Mary's Journal.]
I also preffer you please use "" these when talking and [] these when out of charaecter if you forget that's alright.
The Form:
Number Of Family Members Or Friends With You:[1-6.]
Description Or Picture:
Other:[Please nothing gorey.].
My Form:
Name:Kassie Brough
Personalitiy:Nice,Caring,Funny and Smart
Number Of Family Members Or Friends:1 Sister
Description Or Picture:Kassie has Coal Black hair with Fish Bowl Blue streaks,Meduim weight and Green eyes
Other:Kassie brought her pet Pug named Rozzdale and she's emo.
Name:Cauldia Brough
Personalitiy:Nice,Caring,Preppy and Smart
Number Of Family Members Or Friends:1 Sister
Description Or Picture:Dark Blonde hair,Thin and Crystal Blue eyes
Other:Cauldia brought her Poodle,Rabbit and Cat named Princess,Jackey and Kiy.
Smoothie Shop
Outfit Shops other then Hollister[2]
Hot Tub[5]
More Coming Soon!

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Jolted Cruise
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